It's THROWBACK Thursday!

It's THROWBACK Thursday!

Throwback (according to - "A sudden reminder of the past."

Throwback Thursdays, brought to you by Nicola Valley Museum & Archives


We’ve decided to start posting old photos taken in Merritt as part of a weekly Throwback Thursday post. We hope these images take you back to a time or place you might remember, or maybe you’ll recognize an old face in one of the images. Feel free to discuss, add your thoughts and memories, or even help fill in some of the blanks we might have.


Have you been enjoying the beautiful spring weather? I know, a rhetorical question, right? Well, just in case you’re already missing winter, today’s Throwback is sure to leave you chilly! From the days before refridgerators, when ice blocks were the only way to keep things cold or frozen. I have never seen an ice box myself, but I'm from the about you? Do these pictures take you back?





Ice cutting at Nicola Lake  (PB145)

Ice Cutting at Nicola Lake


Icemen or ice-cutters (which do you prefer?) loading ice blocks (PB142)

Loading Ice on Truck at Nicola Lake

A load of ice blocks, freshly cut from Nicola Lake, ready to be brought into Merritt for cold storage behind these beautiful horses (PB144)

Load of Ice on Sled at Nicola Lake

We need help with the next two images. We believe this building was the lower part of Central Hall, but we can't remember the name of it.

Sides of beef hanging in cold storage room (two meat rooms, 25" by 75") of 300 head. There was also one ice storage room (next image), one mixed storage room for perishable goods and one room for the compressor (which looked quite large). The beef shown here looks frozen solid!

(PB32 - Harry Priest Photo)

Sides of Beef Hanging in Cold Storage

(PB31 - Harry Priest Photo)

Ice Blocks stored in Cold Storage


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