Have you ever had one of those days.....? Maybe it wasn't not so bad after all!

Have you ever had one of those days.....? Maybe it wasn't not so bad after all!




Today's Throwback Thursday features a series of misfortunate events:

Maybe it's a Monday. Maybe it's a Wednesday. Maybe it's just a plain old bad day. We all have them. Late for work, stuck behind a slow driver, dead battery, you know, one of those days where things just don't go right. It looks like the folks in these pictures probably had one of those days too! And since it's been raining, and threatening to rain some more, I thought these images were suitable. 


PT141 Stalled Car in Creek. English Place at Douglas Lake

This poor car has found itself stalled in the creek at English Place (out at Douglas Lake). Thankfully, there appear to be some horse and man power around to help them out!


PT151 Trucks and buses on Voght Street

 Eeek! These trucks and buses have found themselves up against a wall of water on (a very flooded) Voght Street.


PT149 Bus Stuck in Snow

The Kamloops-Merritt-Spences Bridge bus seen here is stuck in the snow. It doesn't look like a very big bus and it seems to be empty.....maybe there were no shovels on board?


PT234 - Snow plough on track through Coquihalla May 16, 1921


This one takes the cake! I can only imagine how much time, and how much shovelling it took to get this train un-stuck. Brrrr I've got the shivers after this one! It really doesn't look like much fun for these poor gents. Do you notice how well dressed some of them are? Especially the fellow standing watching everyone else work!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, it could be worse! 

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