Logging - One of Merritt's longest established industries

Logging - One of Merritt's longest established industries

Word on the street is that break-up is just about over and all of Merritt's loggers will be back in the bush on Monday. We thought today's Throwback Thursday should be a small tribute to logging and the men and women who keep it a thriving industry in the Nicola Valley.

Logging has been an industry in the area since the early 1870's, when small small mills were established to provide lumber for the local market. The Murray Church, was built in 1876 with wood from a small mill at Mill Creek. 

Nicola Pine Mills (originally at Canfrod) was the largest mill in BC's Interior when it was completely destroyed by fire on May 27, 1919. It was later rebuilt in Merritt (at the present Tolko site).

There is enough about the history of logging in Merritt to publish a good size book, but for today, we'll let the pictures do the talking. 

Below are your images for today :)

PL83 Horse Loggers Coldwater area 1920 MNV-09-01


This photograph is courtesy of T.B. Meeker. A group of loggers working in the Coldwater area, circa 1920.


PL26 Loading logs using a boom and horse MNV-09-06


Can you imagine how long it would take to load one train car by horse and boom? It looks like it took at least four men and probably a good part of a day's work. In the 1930's, machinery began to replace horse logging.


PL15 Loading logs at Patchett MNV-09-07


Another image from T.B. Meeker - logs are being loaded at Patchett's for delivery to Merritt via railway (ciraca 1920).

PL12 Loaded Logging Truck, Merritt Logging Company (Small)


Merritt Logging Company - all loaded and ready to go to the mill. Do you know who the driver is?


Logging J Potts Canford McGorans Mill 1929 MNV-09-09


This photo is captioned "The Mac's, Herb Hetcher, 1925"


Logging railway Midday Creek 1920 MNV-09-05


This was the logging railway built at Midday Creek by Dewolf & Ham for Nicola Pine Mills ltd, 1920

That's all for today!

Just a reminder that we accept donations of images and records from the Nicola Valley. If you have some old pictures of logging, mills, lumberjacks, etc, we'd love to add them to our collection in the archives!

See ya next Thursday 


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