Choose your own Throwback Thursday experience with Historypin!

Choose your own Throwback Thursday experience with Historypin!

This week, we're mixing things up a little bit.

If you click on the image, it will take you to our new historypin channel :)

Have you heard of historypin? Probably not! Here's a quick run-down about it, and what it's meant to do.

historypin allows users to 'pin' images to Google Maps, with a description and information about the images. You can even pin images to street view, to get a 'now and then' feel of historic buildings and locations. Just as with any other social media, historypin allows users to comment on the images and share them.



For a 90 second intro on YouTube, click here!

The Nicola Valley Museum & Archives has its very own channel where we have posted some of our favorite images from 'then'. It's almost like a virtual tour of historic sights in the Nicola Valley, except you are the driver - you pick your own experience as you look down streets or through a list of images.

We invite you to take a look at our channel, share your memories and stories, and of course, go ahead and press that 'share' button! We love watching comment threads grow and reading about your special memories. It really helps us add to our knowledge of Merritt's people, places and events!

We've only started off with a few images, but will be adding to our historypin channel over the following weeks.

Also,  ANYONE can create an account and post images! If you have some images of the Nicola Valley that people are sure to remember and cherish, feel free to post them!

And finally, a quick reminder that we are here to preserve the history of the Nicola Valley and would love to add your photographs to our collection. If you have images that you feel enhance the heritage of our community, we would love to add them to our archives.

Happy Throwback Thursday - hope you enjoy your experience on historypin!

Click here to visit our historypin channel


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