Meanwhile....out at Nicola

Meanwhile....out at Nicola

I can't believe that it's Thursday already!

For today, we'll step into our little time machine and head on back a hundred years or so, until we land at Nicola.

It proved quite challenging to select just a few images for Throwback Thursday because there are dozens of incredible pictures of the area. Here are my favorites. 

This lovely panoramic image was donated by Joe Lauder. I bet it was so dark and quiet after sunset around this part of town! 

PC197 Nicola


The rest of the images from today, have all come from the Doctor Sutton album. We believe they were all taken around 1899. Our first image below, is captioned "Main Street Looking East."


PC179 Main Street Looking East


The image below was captioned "Post Office and Hall" by it's creator. The sign outside of the big building clearly reads "Carrington's." At first, I assumed this was a classic case of an incorrectly labelled picture (that tends to really confuse viewers years down the road). My guess would be that the post office was located in Carrington's. 


PC186 Post Office and Hall


We have a sense of what Main Street looked like thanks to a 1905 map "Map of Winny's Addition to Nicola, BC"

This map refers to R.H. Winny, "Henry,"  who owned a large parcel of land (which expanded in 1911 after a 160 hectre purchase) where he farmed (oats, barley, grain, etc) and raised sheep, cattle, swine, as well as some of the finest horses around. 

Here is the inset which shows Main Street:

Map 1905 - Winny's Addition to Nicola

(p.s. I Love Princess Ave. I think we should rename a street in Merritt after this one in Nicola, what do you think?!)


The Driard ca. 1899

 PC187 Driard Hotel


 N.J. Barwick Co. - Harness and Saddlery

PC189 Barwick's Harness and Saddle


I love this ad "Horse and Mule Jeweler." I'm envisioning a whole herd of horses and mules all blinged out in the Nicola Valley......what about you?

Herald Ad - 1911


In 1906, Barwick built a new building "Barwick Block" which likely housed Barwick's undertaking business (he also had a funeral home in Merritt,) as well as Grimmett's solicitors office.

As always, Happy Thursday, have a great weekend (hopefully filled with lots of sunshine).

Until next week,



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