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The Association

Nicola Valley Museum Archives formed in 1976.

The Nicola Valley Museum Archives Association (NVMAA) is relatively new compared to many of the historical groups throughout the province of British Columbia. It was formed in the summer of 1976 and operated out of various temporary store-front locations for five years before moving into a new Museum/Archives building at what is now 1675 Tutill Court in Merritt. (Note that the location name changed several times due to street reconfigurations for Coquihalla-Gillis House.)


The founding meeting to discuss a Merritt / Nicola Valley museum or heritage group was held at the Merritt City Hall on May 26, 1976. A group of about 20 people attended and the decision was made to proceed with the establishment of a Nicola Valley Archives Association to collect the local history.

The Nicola Valley Archives Association was incorporated under the Societies Act September 23, 1976 and became a Registered Charity for income tax purposes on January 1, 1977.

Although the Association had no “home” during its first year, it made its presence known in the community through the publication of the Newsletter - Historical Work Paper, later the Nicola Valley Historical Quarterly. This publication served to attract members from all over the world and hold the group together by providing a purpose for continuing research in the history of Merritt and the Nicola Valley.

The Association decided to develop a museum to house some of the artifacts that their research had attracted. From late 1977 to 1981 the museum was housed in various temporary quarters, including "Curly's Drive-In" and Ken Toy's Photography Shop. Then, under a Neighbourhood Improvement Program, the Museum/Archives and Senior Citizens' Complex was completed at what is now 1675 Tutill Court. With the assistance of generous donors, including Egil Lorntzsen and Craigmont Mines, the Museum Archives was officially opened May 1, 1983.


As registered under the British Columbia Society Act:

The Purposes of the Association are the advancement of historical services in the Nicola Valley by:

  1. gathering, researching, and preserving information, aural history, records, objects, sites and buildings concerning the natural resources, wildlife and all phases of human history;
  2. developing and maintaining a site or sites for preserving, recording, and displaying such material for public enjoyment and education;
  3. promoting the exchange of exhibition material and the arrangement of exhibitions;
  4. co-operating with other associations with similar aims;
  5. publishing books, papers, and periodicals; and such other methods as may from time to time be deemed appropriate.